Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life in general.

What's new in the world of the Klug family? Hmm...lets see.

Today was a pretty good day. Shadow got to play with her cousins who she won't get to see again for a while because they are moving to Redmond. Shadow had a lot of fun. I will try to get those pictures posted sometime within the next few days. 

Shadow will be two and a half tomorrow and I find myself wondering where the time has gone. She learns something new everyday. I very much enjoy watching how she reacts to different situations. She is a smart little girl so its fun to see how she figures things out. 

Gregory is doing well. He's been working hard. He'll be leaving next week for Bellingham, WA. His best friend is graduating from Western Washington University so he is going up there to help him celebrate. He'll be gone a week and Shadow and I will miss him. 

As for me, I'm doing alright. I've been spending most of my time studying for my national certification exam even though I don't have an actual testing date set. When I'm not studying I'm playing with my adorable little girl. Also, for those of you who don't know, I've started going by my middle name Elizabeth (I answer to Elizabeth or Beth but NEVER Liz).'s getting late so I should end this but I will try to blog again and post pictures soon.

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